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The Most Beautiful And Popular Islamic And Arabic Mosques Pictures Wallpapers

In all religions of the world, the idea of worship and prayers is found and hence the significance of the place of worship could not be denied. The atmosphere surrounding us has a great impact on the way we focus on a specific thing. Just like class room is a perfect place for learning where the students can be in the best of their focus, energy and efforts to learn. Similarly, a place of worship is a place meant for focusing on one’s spiritual needs and providing a serene atmosphere which acts as a magnetic field attracting man’s innate spiritual pursuit and his willingness to submit to the Almighty God.

Islam is a religion based on ‘submission to God’ and hence the prostration or bowing before God is an act of devotion in this religion and is one of the five basic pillars of Islam. Muslims are required to pray five times a day and this process could be closely observed in the mosques, the place of worship of Muslims. Since the beginning of Islam, Mosques have been a unique place in its own due to their sacred and serene ambience and beautiful architecture.

A mosque is a complete unit in itself consisting of the Minbar where the pulpit stands and calls for prayers, Mihrab which is a mean of directing muslims towards the Kiblah (direction for prayers towards Mecca) and open spaces which are often beautifully carpeted in large mosques without any furniture and pictures. The high walls of large mosques, their beautifully designed structure and courtyards, tiny details and the complex mosaic patterns all around the walls and floor with engraved Arabic on the amazingly designed pillars makes it an absolutely beautiful sacred place worth seeing.

The rich architectural culture possessed by the Muslim world is unmatched and carries a unique essence. The fusion of the designs of Byzantine, Persian, Syrian, Turkish and Mughal dynasties is a supreme possession. Here are some pictures of the popular mosques from around the globe which are indeed grand and beautiful. Free to download with a crystal clear quality; these high resolution colorful wallpapers are definitely a treat to those who possess a love for beautiful and original architecture. The supreme creative architectural gems are just a click away from your desktop. Enjoy!

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    subhanallah……yes these are the symbol of islam and beauty are becoz of faith in islam..

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