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The Hulk Incredible Avengers Movie Wallpapers

The Hulk Incredible Avengers wallpapers are a collection of the most aggressive and powerful member of the team Avengers. “Avengers” is presented by Marvel productions and previously as comics by Marvel Comics. This green aggression is the most deadly creation of science. This science fictional character is actually a scientist named Dr. Bruce Banner who was self exposed to the gamma rays he invented. After the exposure whenever Dr. Banner gets angry, he transforms into this gigantic and irritated monster. Another monstrous feature of this creature is his magnitude, which increases with the increase in his rage.

The story of Hulk is presented in many forms, first it was presented as comics which were highly appreciated by local public. Then in form of animated series which was later on merged with few more characters like Thor, Iron Man and Captain America to form the most powerful team known as the Avengers. In past few years a few movies like The Hulk, The Hulk Incredible and The Avengers were released which made this character more famous and more popular than any other character.

To represent the brutality, aggressiveness and power of this gigantic creature we have designed this awesome collection of The Hulk Incredible Avengers wallpapers. Wallpapers in this collection are designed only for those who love the aggression as well as the positivity of this character. The very first wallpaper in this collection contains the theme to present the rage of the Hulk along with the leader of his team and a few elements from all the movies which casted this character. In short the theme of this wallpaper is to memorize the tremendous movies of The Hulk. More over the placement and the design of wallpaper is much more attractive. It seems like Hulk is very close to you in reality. In the second wallpaper the Hulk is made much more aggressive and gigantic than in first wallpaper. A few modifications are made like his hairs are given a new look and also his complete body structure is modified. Moreover a very interesting addition to be noted with the use of jeans over this creature which has completely given this character a new look and also modified a bit of its theme. But, overall modifications made in this character are very appealing. Download this free collection of The hulk Incredible Avengers wallpapers and enjoy the incredibility of the HULK.

Posted by on March 4, 2012 in Hollywood Wallpaper

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