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New Free Deer, Lion, Eagle, Owl, Horse And Rabbit Desktop Backgrounds Computer Wallpapers

Here we have some new free deer, lion, eagle, owl, horse and rabbit desktop backgrounds computer wallpapers. In these wallpapers, some amazing glimpses of beautiful animals have been taken for you. At the top, we have a Mountain Goat, which also called Rocky Mountain Goat. This is the animal having large hoofs, white fur, long black horns, short tail and female goats have beard as well. Their wooly fur keeps them warm in winter and at the top of the mountains where temperature is below zero or negative. This mammal is found only in North America.

The next wallpaper we have in this post is White Horse. These horses born white and stay white throughout their life. White horses may have blue, brown or hazel eyes. True white horses have a non-pigmented skin and a white hair coat over them. Horses are one of the strongest animals. They are mammals and herbivores. They eat plants, leaves, herbs and shrubs. This is a pet animal, people around all over the world love to keep them and train them. Horses are famous for their fastest ride and for their loyalty. In some Asian countries like India, China and Bangladesh, horse is used for cart pulling.

The next wallpaper is of white tiger. They are amazing by look but wild by nature. They love to live alone like big tigers. They have strong jaws, legs and claws. Specie of this animal is going to be finished. Almost only 500 to 800 white tigers are left in the world. Another wallpaper we have that is of red fox. Red foxes are the largest in all foxes. They are wild enough but have been killed by humans for many centuries because they are considered as crop spoilers. Red foxes live in groups and hunt their prey together. The picture after to it is of Eagle. Eagle is one of the most beautiful creatures of God. It is large in size as compare to other birds. It has almost 60 species in all over the world. Most of these species are found in America and Africa. Moreover, we have deer and owl wallpapers. You can download any of these wallpapers free of cost. Just click and download them.

Posted by on November 16, 2008 in Animal Wallpapers

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  1. Dianna Harding Says:

    I really enjoy your wallpapers,especially the animal ones! Thanks so much for putting them out there!

  2. Dianna Harding Says:

    I already have left a reply. I am new to your criteria. So there’s not much to say.B

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