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Motorcycle Wallpaper Desktop

This post is dedicated to motorcycle wallpaper for desktop. In this post you will find some of the most dashing and stylish heavy bikes. This post is designed for heavy bikes, racing bikes and superbikes lovers. You can download these wallpapers and can apply them on your computer and laptop screens. These are totally free of cost. You just have to press the download button and have to select the wallpaper resolution, within few seconds, these wallpapers would be in your computer or you can also download them from your mobile phones.

These bikes include some of the top manufacturers of automobiles. These heavy bikes are so costly but people around the world and heavy bikes lovers purchase them because they love to have latest and the hottest models of heavy bikes. In this post, the first wallpaper is showing Suzuki Hayabusa. Hayabusa was manufactured in 1999. After its launching, it immediately won the praise enthusiastically and publicly and became the world’s fastest heavy bike, at that time it has the top speed of 188 to 194 miles per hour, which can be interpreted in kilometers as 303 to 312 km/h. The next one we have is Ducati 1098s in this post, which was manufactured in 2009. This bike is available in black, red, yellow, white and green. After its creation, it got lots of fame in not only road riders but also in racing world specially in Superbike World Championship. After this much fame and success Ducati 1098s was remodeled by modifying some of its features like engine and Ducati Traction Control for better handling after the modifications it was named as 1098-09 R.

Some more heavy bikes are included in this post other than Ducati and Suzuki. These are KTM, SKYPE, Yamaha and Metzeler. All these manufacturers have a stylish and sport look, soft and fast ride. Some of the pictures in this post are taken from racing courts, some are from open street roads and some of them are self-customized. Surely, you will love these wallpapers and will enjoy this post.

Posted by on August 19, 2009 in Bikes Wallpapers

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