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Latest Hindi Film Muskurake Dekh Zara Wallpaper

Lovers are going to like this collection of latest Hindi film muskra ke dekh zara wallpapers for computer and laptop screens. This love story moves around the Gashmeer and Twinkle. Gashmeer loves Twinkle but because of certain reasons twinkle gets engaged to be married to Hiten. The movie is all about how Gashmeer gets twinkle and make her his life partner. Being a tamil movies this movie has all aspects of action, romance, drama and comedy.

Vivek (Gashmeer Mahajani) a struggler who comes to Mumbai with his friend Amar (Sunil Sabarwal) whose family has raised him. In Mumbai Vivek meets the dream girl of his life Preeti (Twinkle Patel) in odd circumstances and soon becomes a good friend of her. Vivek falls in love with her, by misinterpreting her actions for love from her side despite of the fact that Preeti just considered himas her friend.

But Vivek’s life biggest tragedy happens when Preeti’s father, at her birthday party, announces the engagement of Preeti and Prakash Raj (Hiten Paintal). After the formal announcement of the engagement ceremony, Vivek for the first time expresses his feelings of love for Preeti, which in turn hurts preeti. She tells him that he misinterpreted her actions she was always took him as her close friend and nothing else. Here, Gauri the sister of Amar returns home after being deceived by her lover. Her return revealed that the lover was none other than Prakash Raj. Vivek ensures that the angry family accepts Gauri whole-heartedly after forgiving her. Meanwhile, Prakash Raj asks Vivek not to reveal to Preeti that he had ditched Gauri. After when the truth of Parkash is revealed to Preeti, she herself realises that Prakash Raj is not the man for her and that she actually loves Vivek.

Muskra ke dekh zara wallpapers for computer and laptop screens are the cover photos and images from the best scenes of this movie. This movie has the best component of Anurag Kahyap’s Dialogues but the movie could not perform well over the box office. But for the fans of this movie this collection of muskra ke dekh zara wallpapers for computer and laptop screens is free to download.

Posted by on April 13, 2010 in Bollywood Wallpapers

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