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Hazrat Ali (A.S) Wallpapers: Imam Ali Desktop Background Wallpaper

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As computer, cellular phones, iPad and laptops have become a part of life in the same manner the wallpapers has also become a part of humans’ life. These devices without wallpapers look lifeless and colorless. The main purpose of using wallpapers is to spice up their devices look and to make them look more alive and pleasing to the eye. Hazrat imam Ali wallpapers are mostly used by the Shia’s as mostly on the dates of 9th and 10th Muharram (Islamic calander). They use these wallpapers in order to show their affection for their religion.

Mostly his wallpapers include the beautiful calligraphy of his name on different types of beautiful and attractive backgrounds. The main interesting part of these wallpapers is that they are not only very easy to download but are also very easily available and their most important plus point or pros is that they are free of cost means that a user can make their desktop look more alive and pleasing to the eye easily and free of cost .

Some people add zing to their devices look by downloading exciting and amusing wallpapers and some show their affection for a specific occasion or their religion by their desktop wallpaper. Hazrat Ali (R.A.) wallpapers are one of the most sacred wallpapers and these are mostly downloaded by those users who consider him as a legend and consider him as the greatest scholar of their life because there are so many virtues and services of Ali (R.A.) that he cannot be defined in words.
He was given the title of Ameer-ul-Momineen which means Miramolinus or faithful leader. Shrine of Hazrat Ali is situated in Asia and it is considered as a very sacred place.

Wallpapers related to this great personality can be found all over the internet free of cost which includes: beautiful calligraphy of his title and his name, his name written on beautiful sceneries and many more. Before setting any picture as wallpaper or desktop background one thing that should be kept in mind is that not each and every image is appropriate as desktop backgrounds depending on the screen-resolution.

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Posted by on March 25, 2010 in Islamic Wallpaper

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13 Responses to “Hazrat Ali (A.S) Wallpapers: Imam Ali Desktop Background Wallpaper”

  1. mobeen ahmad ansari Says:

    I`m mobeen ahmad ansari from sultanpur(up)india. nice and beautiful,heart touching wallpapers.
    jo toota dast jor de, khhaibar ukhar de
    wo dast, zill-e-dast-e-KHHUDA, das-e-ALI hait

  2. rahul khan Says:

    allha is truth

  3. rahul khan Says:

    i love allha

  4. ahmed ali Says:

    ali ali

  5. ALI DANISH Says:


  6. Tamaghna Says:

    Every truth is possible with saying one&only Allah.

  7. Tamaghna Says:


  8. adil Says:

    dear all plz sand me all ache baata

  9. HASSAN SHAH Says:

    very gudddddddddddd i luv MOLA ALI

  10. HASSAN SHAH Says:

    very gudddddddddddd i luv MOLA ALI

  11. mohamed jawath Says:

    hajarath ali rasiallahu is mera jaan sa unku mohabath karthau allahu mohamed allah is great

  12. ekrar Says:

    Allah is everywhere

  13. arslanali Says:

    Mola ali sher khuda

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