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Free Tropical Landscape Nature Scenery Wallpapers For Computer Desktop Backgrounds Laptops

Tropical landscapes are found in tropical regions which are present on the part of Earth which is near the line of Equator. The tropical regions are the parts of Earth where there you can see all four seasons in an year, and this is the reason that most of the people live in such regions; contributing to almost 40% of the world population. It would not be an exaggeration to say that in coming years the population in these areas is going to increase more because of the temperate weather conditions.

On this page, you can see wallpaper with the dark cloudy sky, there are few small gaps in between the clouds and the sun beams are entering inside through these gaps. This picture looks beautiful, especially to those who love clouds very much.

Seashore is one of the most beautiful places in the world; the rocks on the beaches are sometimes huge and sometimes very tiny. The tiny ones are the broken parts of the huge rocks, these rocks break when the tides of the sea water collides with them gradually breaking them in to the small pieces, and these small ones slips in to the depth of the sea. You will love the beach wallpapers given here the maximum because of this inherent cycle.

Glaciers are the big blocks of ice, they are extremely hard and start accumulating where there is extremely cold weather. The snow falls too much over many years, and when this snow melts and sublimation occurs, this ice turns in to the form of glacier. You can find most of the glaciers on the Northern and Southern hemispheres or oceanic islands where it snowfalls all the year around. Glaciers are known as the largest reservoirs of freshwater on the Earth’s surface.

In the picture over here the glaciers are lying on the surface of the lake, we cannot see the depth of these glaciers. In the background you can see the mountains which have the ice on the peaks and some of them are covered with the green plants. This is really amazing.

Here are many other types of wallpaper on this page such as, sunsets, sunrises, view of forest, sea along with the mountains covered with greenery, the river running by the mountains, etc.

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