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Free National Geographic Animal Wallpapers Tiger, Giraffe, Peacock, Snake, Elephant And Polar Bear

Here we have free national geographic animal wallpapers tiger, giraffe, peacock, snake, elephant and polar bear. In this post many types of wallpaper of wild and pet animals are given. The very first one is Egyptian camel with its baby camel standing in Sahara. A camel is known as ship of desert. Camel got its name because of its speed and the ability to survive in the desert. They can live two weeks without water and almost up to a month without food. Second one is white polar bear wallpaper, in which a polar bear is walking on a glacier. This type of bear lives in Arctic Circle. It is a world’s largest carnivore and largest bear as well. The polar bear is often regarded as a marine mammal because it spends many months of the year at sea. Their most favorite diet includes ringed and bearded seals. In this wallpaper, there is a view of a polar bear looking for its prey to hunt and in next two wallpapers; polar bears are having rest with their family.

In next wallpapers, a wild tigress is loving its cub. Tigers are wild enough and dangerous as well but they love their baby cubs, as any other specie likes its babies. They are carnivores and they eat flesh of other animals and sometimes humans also get preyed by them. This is the largest cat specie with total body length up to 3.3 meters (11 ft) and weighing up to 306 Kg. Their body color pattern is of dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with lighter under parts. Tiger is known as one of the most feared animal on the planet. They are sharp, wild, large and flesh eating. In cities, they are kept in parks and zoos. Some of tigers are trained as well by trainers to get some specific task done by them.

The next one is Peacock wallpaper in which some amazing colorful peacocks are shown. They are also known as Indian Peafowl. They are found in national parks, zoos and in jungles. There are almost 200 colorful feathers in its wings that make this animal the most beautiful when they open their wings. However, the next ones are giraffe’s wallpapers, elephant’s wallpapers and African wild dog’s wallpapers.

Posted by on December 12, 2008 in Animal Wallpapers

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