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Fighter Jet Wallpapers for your Computer or Laptop Desktops and Backgrounds

Do you have a passion of fighter jet or fighter jet wallpapers? Sounds great! You are about to download your favorite fighter jet wallpapers for your computer walls or laptop backgrounds. Let’s start off with short introduction of fighter jets and what are their uses. Fighter jets are small airplanes that are especially designed to fight with other airplanes. They are one of the fastest kinds of airplane, having aerodynamic shapes (shapes that make it possible for them to fly in air) and very powerful engines as compare to their size. Fighter jet can carry different kinds of weapons including missiles, machine guns, and bombs. While fighter jets may be used to attack vehicles, soldiers, or buildings on the ground, they are different from bombers because they are usually designed to attack other airplanes.

These jets are especially used in air-based wars. Fighter jets were developed in First World War to fall down enemy’s aircrafts and airships the ability to read information by the military process of gathering information. Earlier models of fighters were very small and slightly loaded than later ones. Most were biplanes built with a wooden frame, covered with fabric, and limited to about 100 mph. They have more power than other airplanes when it is matter of self defense of a country. Fighter jets are huge, strong and mean enough to make you love them. They can destroy any city or a country in a very short time because they are designed for self protection. These are mostly used in wars between two countries. The pilots who fly these jets are specially trained and specialized. They know how to target their enemy and how to keep them away from the boundary line of native country.

In these wallpapers, fighter jets of different countries and different companies are displayed. These air-crafts are real but some of them are edited as well. These wallpapers are specially designed for people who love army life or fighter jets. Any one can download these wallpapers and can set them on their computer or laptop desktop screen. You can download these wallpapers without paying anything. You just need to click on download button and can apply these wallpapers on your screen.

Posted by on November 18, 2009 in Aviation Wallpapers

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