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Who can deny the fact of resurrection day? It is famously also known as Day of Judgment or Doom’s day. Anyhow, whatever it is called it doesn’t matter, important is the remembrance of that day all the time. Many movies have also been made on this concept. These movies became a source of inspiration and following the same plot, the graphic designers have presented some master pieces in the shape of world wallpapers that depicts the theme of Doom’s day.

Each of the wallpaper shows a distinct story and touches heart in a very different way. You can simply feel yourself lost in the scenes shown in these wallpapers. All the walls show the future catastrophe and destruction in a very precise manner. Some shows devastation from water; some shows obliteration with earth quakes while some shows desolation with snow and so on. Whatever the source is, the concept is to show that one day this world would come to an end. Though scary a bit but the concept and themes used in these wallpapers really compel you to think at least for once regarding the fact that this world would someday come to an end. While looking at these wallpapers all of a sudden you start feeling about that day that what would happen on that day? What would be the final destination for all of us? And thoughts like that come certainly in one’s mind.

Anyhow, the graphics, colors, themes and the objects used in these wallpapers are simply out of the box and more than enough to take you in a deep thought state for a while. Overall the outlook of these wallpapers is classy as well as proficient enough to keep you engaged with them.

The complete pack of world wallpapers is worth downloading and seeing at least for once. The way these wallpapers show the effects of fire, snow, water, sun and the entire planet is awesome and simply mind blowing. If you are having any kind of second thoughts regarding our sayings then go ahead and download your pack. You would surely love the way these wallpapers depict the theme of end of this world.

Posted by on April 18, 2012 in Nature Wallpaper

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