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Download Free Flying Army Jets Airplane Landing Wallpapers Pictures For Computers Desktops Backgrounds

Today while walking towards the café in my office, I had a sight of wallpaper of one of my colleagues. I actually stopped and stared for some time. I was totally struck by the beauty of the wallpaper. That made me think that how anyone can put such a beauty in a picture. It was totally an uncommon view. The wallpaper was of the fighter airplane flying in the sky above the clouds. The wallpaper was giving the whole picture behind the fighter aircraft. It actually pushed me to write about that flying army jet wallpaper.

When I was starring at it, it reminds me of, how these aircrafts became the part of the army. The word “Fighter” was unknown till the First World War. And then in Second World War fighters were heavily used. There are a lot of different fighters. Firstly they were just used to shoot down the other jets but then from time to time with the evolution, a huge amount of destruction can be done with them. What fascinated me a lot while thinking about the wallpaper was the change and the revolution made by the war jets in the war tactics? It actually revolutionized the whole concept of the war.

So what I actually want to express here is that, the wallpaper was describing all of it’s behind the story factors. The sky in wallpaper was representing the victory and the urge to win. The smoke behind the aircraft was representing the speed of the aircraft. The shape of the jet was given the feeling of pride and also an urge to go higher and higher. I also want to appreciate the aesthetic sense of the photographer. He presented the view which we cannot see normally. He actually captured and locked the speed and motion of the jet in a still picture. Like, it’s a still picture still the shape of the clouds is giving you a feel that jet is moving and also presence of air. It is purely figurative and evocative. I am sure it was captured by the arty – craft person. In fact, it was actually representing the thrilling mind of the photographer as well. I just love the pictures just because of their expressive nature.

Posted by on December 22, 2008 in Aviation Wallpapers

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