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Animals are one of the most beautiful creatures and blessings of God. Here are given some beautiful animal wallpaper. Each wallpaper has a unique touch of nature in it. The very first wallpaper is of a pair of Australian parrots, these species is most liked all around the world. The wallpaper has an eye-catching design, layout, pattern and graphics because of its color scheme and depiction of rare love of animals. Animals always give us a sense of cooperation and harmony. In the second wallpaper, it looks like that a bird probably a parrot is sitting alone viewing the sun fall. This wallpaper has a sense of loneliness, showing emotions of a lonely person.
Hawks are the most aggressive and fast flying birds. These are used to living at heights and have a very sharp eye view. Hawks always teaches the spirit of far sightedness by being on the top. That’s why Muslim scholar and poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal always urged his people by giving the example of hawks.
Hounds were found mostly in cold areas in old times and in some areas, these were used to carry luggage from one place to other in carts specially built for them. Hounds are from the family of dogs that are sharp, loyal and fast. Today these are only used in hound cart races or in zoos for amusement. The last one is also an Australian parrot. The color scheme and pose taken for these wallpapers are eye-catching. These all wallpapers show the real beauty of nature.
No matter what the time, animals have always been a part of man’s life whether as pets, livestock, guards or used for transportation. This history of man – animal relationship goes back millions of years and there is no denying the fact that they give color to life and give a sense of association. This is why people around the world love to use animal wallpapers to show their dedication to animals as well. We will keep updating this section for more animal wallpapers, that will keep you coming back for more.

Posted by on October 6, 2011 in Animal Wallpapers

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