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Bollywood Wallpapers

Bollywood Wallpapers

Bollywood is perhaps the most popular film industry after Hollywood. Bollywood movies are watched and loved all over the world despite being in the Hindi language. Bollywood has produced great stars over the years. Indian film industry is filled with legends like Amitabh Bachan, Amir Khan, Hema Malini, Madhuri and many more. This section is designated to pay tribute to some of the leading Bollywood stars. Here you can download the wallpapers of new movies, legends and rising stars.

These Bollywood wallpapers include movie and celebrity wallpapers. Download the wallpaper of your favorite celebrity and set it as a background image on your computer to make your desktop rock. Movie wallpapers include some of the blockbusters as well as some new movies. These images also include different poses of stars in certain movies.

Bollywood is now dominated by Four Khans. Due to their dominance and of other old heroes new talent has come under the shade. Here the wallpapers list of new movies that features rising stars. Download the movies wallpapers like Firaaq and Striker to show support to the new talent. All the movie wallpapers are in HD and can fit on the screen of any display size.

All these wallpapers are free to download so download. Wallpapers can also be cropped online before downloading with a single click to remove unwanted part from the wallpaper to make it small. Cropping also helps to make the wallpaper fit on the devices with low display size like mobile phones.

More wallpapers will be updated soon with pictures of rising stars and upcoming movies. So visit again to download exciting new wallpapers. If you feel a celebrity or movie wallpaper is missing than you can always make a request. Just fill the form below with a wallpaper request and visit again soon to download your desired wallpaper.

There are other sections as well that are designed for Indian celebrities, you can download the wallpapers of your favorite celebrity from there too.