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Bollywood Hindi Film “My Name Is Khan” Shah Rukh Khan Wallpapers

The best movie of the decade was “My name is khan”. The main cast of this movie included Shahrukh khan and Kajol. Shahrukh khan and Kajol have appeared many times together on big screens but they made their come back on big screen after 11 years in the movie “My name is khan”. The wallpapers of this movie were greatly applauded; even before its release people were crazy to download its wallpapers. The story of this movie has a thoughtful note for the entire world in it. This is a story of a Muslim man Rizwan khan. This simple philosophy describes a wild mission of Rizvan Khan, the leading role of My Name Is Khan. He’s not an ordinary man. He has a golden heart but a unique brain that doesn’t identifies the emotions but has got outstanding abilities. This is a Karan Johar and Shahrukh khan movie. Shahrukh khan’s stupendous performance in this movie was a master piece.

The Eight official wallpapers of this movie are available on our website. The first wallpaper displays Mandira (Kajol) lowering her head onto Srk’s shoulder; the black dresses of the couple in this wallpaper are looking stunning. The second wallpaper is a cover wallpaper of the movie “My name is khan”. The third wallpaper displays Karan johar, Kajol and Shahrukh khan in black dresses wearing dark sunglasses; this wallpaper is the most glamorous wallpaper amongst all. The fourth wallpaper shows Rizwan khan (Srk) holding a board stating “Repair almost anything”; this wallpaper is from the scene when rizwan wanted money to travel so he had to repair a car on the road for getting money. The fifth wallpaper is a picture wallpaper of srk with a US flag in background. The next wallpaper shows Rizwan khan holding balloons and a chocolate box waiting for Mandira.

All the wallpapers of this movie are amazing. This is a career best movie of Shahrukh and Kajol. The movie was a block buster. Once you’ve watched it! Do not forget to download its dazzling wallpapers. This movie will make you think over a lot of introspective things!

Posted by on January 26, 2010 in Bollywood Wallpapers

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2 Responses to “Bollywood Hindi Film “My Name Is Khan” Shah Rukh Khan Wallpapers”

  1. Mohsin Says:

    SRK is a very good actor and i love his acting. This will be a good movie.

  2. Chester Compton Says:

    LoL.. I adore SRK! No matter what the critics say, he is still THE BEST in Bollywood.

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