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Avengers Wallpapers Hollywood Movie

Super Hero comics and Movies have always been very a dream come true of every child in the USA and all over the world. Some comics have even been the most selling books selling millions of copies globally. When these characters came to life in the cinema, most of these movies became overnight success. These kinds of movies are usually based on the super powers or extra ordinary powers, which these Super Heroes possess. Super humans having super powers attract the viewers the most and people love to watch them in action protecting the worlds that are impossible in real life. An uncountable number of movies of this genre have been produced in the past. Still, the fame and international fan hood that the Avengers movie has gained right after its international release is just phenomenal, surpassing all expectations.

The thing that triggered its popularity and business is the large number of Super Heroes working in this movie. Almost all of the Super Hero characters that have taken part in this movie have been their own success stories in their own movies, which when combined in a single movie was expected to be nothing less than a blockbuster. Coming down to the super heroes in this movie, the most famous of them is the Iron Man which is acted by Robert John Downey, Jr. He is shown as a billionaire genius who has designed an armored suit for himself also capable of flying and he uses it against the evil and injustice.

Mark Rufallo has acted as hulk, the genius scientist, after exposure to gamma radiations he transforms into a green monster in some specific circumstances like in anger and in excitement. Scarlett Johansson is the Black Widow in the Avengers movie. Surprisingly, she is the only character in the movie having no super powers but her fighting and analytical skills are breath taking making her equally equipped to save the world. These were the most popular of all cast.

Adding up more details, the character of Captain America is also there, which is acted by Chris Evans. In World War 2 the Captain America was injected with a serum which enhanced his physical powers to maximum. Holding a special shield, he looks awesome.

Chris Hemsworth is acting as Thor in Avengers movie who is the crown prince of Asgard (Kingdom of Gods) deported to the earth for his sins and negligence to his duties.

This cast and the characters that are a part of this movie are what make the avengers wallpapers a real heart throb of millions of people around the world. The colors and the choice of textures are definitely going to show your action filled side.

Posted by on March 4, 2012 in Hollywood Wallpaper

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