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Angry Birds HD Games Wallpapers 2013

One of the most popular names in the world of android software games is Angry Birds. This game was launched by Rovio mobile. In this game there are various kinds of birds struggling to bring back their eggs that were stolen by the green pigs. These angry birds fight to catch their stolen eggs. The green pigs are basically hungry and short of food and have stolen the eggs of birds from their nests. Angry birds perform their act of vengeance to regain their eggs. This game has been called, the most mainstream games out right now.

If you are big fan of this game then you can’t control yourself to put the games wallpapers of angry birds on your smartphone and computers. Fans of this game love to wear the T-shirts printed with the logo, images and characters of this amazing game. We can see the most popular game’s pictures everywhere on school bags, stationary item, mugs cups and T-shirts etc. The craze of this game is developing every moment among players of this game.

Chic and ever classy, these angry birds wallpapers are available for all of your computing devices. The wallpapers are designed in a brilliant way with high resolution and amazing graphics. This game has been praised for its successful combination of addictive game play in very low price. In android phone, it is free of cost. Various different versions have also been developed for personal computers. The number of downloads of wallpaper is numerous. Wallpapers of this games have achieved the most downloads this year because of its increasing popularity.

Angry birds got 50 million download on Android cell phones in a matter of few days, showing the global acddiction to this overwhelming game. Millions of hours are spent on this game at every time. Now a days this game is a good source of entertainment among youngsters as well as for the people of different age group. This game comes up with different versions and each version has different levels. The music and sounds effects never get old, and the game play and humor is something any “angry birds” or star wars fan could easily enjoy.

This game got amazing and colorful wallpaper. Try this game if you haven’t played before. It would be fun playing this game with fascinating wallpapers.

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