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Color attracts the human beings. It adds meanings and happiness in one’s life. On contrary Monotonousness produce adverse effect on us. It makes us tired and brings odd feelings in us. When we enter in a dull phase we need external factor for revival our spirit and nothing works than color. We add some colorful features in our lives that help us in healing our earlier spirit and energy. Similarly wallpapers are used to remove the monotonousness of desktop. These act like a garb that makes your desktop attractive, interesting and colorful.

There are varieties of wallpaper on the internet from nature to man-made elements. We aim to provide something unique and different from the earlier range. These wallpapers are focused on the name of Allah which will satisfy our spiritual appetite. There are 99 beautiful names of Allah and every name is known for its unique and distinctive qualities. But the most widely used name in the word is Allah who is the creator and benefactor of universe. He is solely responsible for creating everything that exists in this universe. He is omnipotent in power and nothing is exempt from His commands.

Our selection of wallpapers is unique because it is a combination of simplicity and modesty that cannot be found easily in other collection. Its colorful background that compliments the calligraphy of word Allah and makes it our first choice for the embellishment of our desktop. It is not only feast for our eyes but also the source of sentiment for us. Similarly, every background image is exclusive in features and by using word Allah has made it meaningful as well as matchless.

Some backgrounds are different because of its black color that can easily overwhelm on our feelings. After seeing such backgrounds we start to think deeply about our purpose as a human being on earth and we except His grandeur and Oneness of Him without any question. On the basis of such features we should prefer these wallpapers for our desktop and mobile screens that will help to refresh our belief on Him.

Posted by on January 7, 2013 in Islamic Wallpaper

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