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Islamic Quotes in Urdu Wallpapers

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Happy 2019 Pongal Festival Images and Wallpapers for WhatsApp and Facebook

What is Pongal?

Literally meaning ‘festivity’ or ‘celebration’, Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu in India and Jaffna in Sri Lanka. It is dedicated to the sun god and symbolises the gradual heating of the mother earth as the sun travels north towards the equinox.

The celebrations last for four days from January 14 to 17 according to the Tamil calendar. Here it is worth noticing that the complete name for Pongal is Thai Pongal. It is one of the major festivals that the Tamil people celebrate and they have been doing so for over a thousand years.


One of the most important harvest related rituals, Thai Pongal carries a lot of significance for the Tamil people living in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. However, the celebrations are not limited to the Indian state, the Tamil people living in other parts of the world makes arrangements for this festivity dedicated to the sun god for the successful harvest. Other countries where the Tamil people live include South Africa, Mauritius, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia and Canada.

On this eve of this historic ritual, people across different countries of the world are passionate about creating beautiful and unique Pongal festival images and wallpapers for their Facebook and WhatsApp accounts. Still there are people who cannot create such images themselves, so they look for the already prepared one on the internet.

Happy 2019 Pongal Festival Images and Wallpapers for WhatsApp and Facebook:

The Pongal festival 2019 is approaching. The demand for images related with the festivity is already high. Here you can find the happy 2019 Pongal festival images and wallpapers for WhatsApp and Facebook. They will not only make the event so enjoyable but also memorable for you.

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Happy Makar Sankranti 2019 Images and Wallpapers with Wishes to Send on WhatsApp

Dedicated to the sun god or Surya Devta, the Hindu harvest festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in India and Nepal. This mid-winter festivity marks the beginning of the transition of sun from Sagittarius to Capricorn. At the same time, it also marks the beginning of the longer and warmer days as compared to nights till the time next equinox occurs. Now, as we have already stepped into the year 2019, the festivity is just around the corner.

Makar Sankranti This Year:

While dates for many Hindu festivals change every year as they follow the lunar calendar, the date of Makara Sankranti remains the same, i.e. January 14. It is because the ancient Hindu festival is observed according to solar cycles. This year the 14th January falls on Sunday.

Makar Sankranti Significance in Hinduism:

The festival of Makar Sankranti is of great significance for the Hindus who believe in the existence of several gods and deities, each assigned a different role in the scheme of the world. They also believe in the physical manifestation of each god and deity in the shape of idols which they themselves create with precious metals and materials.

Dedicated to sun god Surya Devta, the eve of Makar Sankranti is considered as important for spiritual practices. That is why, as a part of their celebrations, the adherents of Hindu dogma take dips in the Ganges which, according to them, is a holy river. This dip in the Ganges, according to Hindus, serves to cleanse and purge them of their sins. Another important activity on this occasion is that of flying kites.

Here you also need to note that, though celebrated across the whole of India, the festival is given different names in different regions. For example, the Tamil people in the state of Tamil Nadu call it Pongal. It is known as Maghi in Himachal Pradesh and Haryana, Poush Sangkranti in West Bengal, Magh Bihu Assam amongst others.

Happy Makar Sankranti 2019 Images and Wallpapers with Wishes to Send on WhatsApp:

Living in the world closely interconnected with social media, as the eve of Sankranti is approaches, the adherents of Hindi dogma must be looking for happy Makar Sankranti 2019 images and wallpapers with wishes to send on WhatsApp.

Here you will find creative, unique and expressive images and wallpapers with wishes related to the harvest festival dedicated to the sun deity.

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Download Chinese New Year 2019 HD Wallpapers

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2019 Love Wallpapers Free Download

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Happy New Year 2019 Wallpapers Download HD

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Download Free Happy Valentine Day HD Wallpapers 2018

Say “happy valentine’s day” with these adorable and charming Valentine’s Day wallpapers. Sure, you must be wondering how we can wish our friends, family members and loved ones through a computer’s desktop wallpaper. But, these wallpapers actually show your fervor and enthusiasm for this beautiful day. By putting up these valentine day wallpapers you will show how happy you are on this day.

So express your happiness for valentine day and show the world that you are celebrating it with the help of these happy valentine day wallpapers. All the people around the world might not be able to see it, but your family members, friends and co-workers would definitely notice your desktop computer or laptop’s background theme. They would know that you are a friendly, loving and caring person who wants to celebrate this day.

Hearts, flowers, chocolates, candies and gifts are some of the things associated with the Valentine’s Day. These are the things that will come to your mind when you see these wallpapers based on the valentine day. Everyone knows the significance of Valentine ’s Day. It is a day not just for couples, but for everyone who loves!

It is a day of celebrating your passionate love for anyone. You love your family and your buddies and this day can be celebrated very happily with them as well. So, join in the festivities and celebrations of the valentine day by downloading these happy valentine day wallpapers. Putting up one of these valentine day based wallpapers on the desktop of your computer all year round will remind you about this sweet and lovely day throughout the year, not just on the 14th of February. Even if it is not the 14th of February yet, you can still select and download these wallpapers as they are just as lovely, adorable and sweet as the valentine day is.

Experience the feelings of loving someone and being loved back through these valentine day wallpapers. They will lift your mood up, thereby making you feel happy. Enjoy these charming and cute wallpapers based on the valentine day theme by downloading them for free.

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Top 5 Charity WordPress Themes 2017 – Non Profit

The worst sufferings of humanity in certain parts of the world, especially African countries, have inspired the creation of hundreds of charity organizations by philanthropists. Many of such organizations have utilized the immense potential of internet to popularize their cause among the masses and fetch maximum donations. Here it is to be noted that as the quality of tools brings refinement to work of a carpenter, in the same way it is primarily the power of a web building tool that renders success to an online project. So, if you are also interested in contributing to such a noble cause and plan to launch an online charity organization project, here are top 5 charity themes that, having stood the test of time, are going to be popular in 2017 as well.

Lifeline—Responsive Premium WordPress Theme with Redefined Standards for Charity Website


Features | Demo

What makes fully responsive Lifeline stand distinguished among other charity wp themes is its advanced payments system, i.e. it is the only charity WP theme with integrated recurring payment system powered by PayPal. It means the charity organization would be able to facilitate the donors to make payments on regular basis, which may be either weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. However, it is not the only outstanding feature to be found in Lifeline premium WordPress theme—there is plenty of more at your very disposal! For example, the free of cost provision of premium WordPress plugins, including Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and Layer Slider, saves you as much as $63.

Mission—Responsive Charity Premium WordPress Theme


Features | Demo

Though Mission has been designed on the modern web building standards, it still lacks in the most wanted feature of recurring payment system. However, it can be provided through customization. Now let’s look at what is really appealing about the theme. One the first place, it is an economical product with advanced and unique accomplishments. Secondly, as you go to the Homepage, you will come across ultra sharp graphics, cool mouse-hover animations, perfect symmetry, amazing color combinations and enhanced readability. What you may not like about the product is the lack of multiple homepages. In addition, you won’t even find the slideshow creator and the popular Visual Composer page builder plugin. The non-availability of PayPal payment system can also be considered a serious shortcoming.

Charity Hub—Charity Premium WordPress Theme


Features | Demo

Powered with PayPal donation system, Charity Hub can be listed among the modern high quality themes. It has a plenty of innovative and unique features where the simple minimalist design is also of great appeal. The built-in Layer Slider saves you about $18 of your precious money. Though easy-to-use Visual Composer page builder is absent, you still have a page building tool. The parallax sections also add to its beauty. It also has WooCommerce support that can help convert your website into a perfect buying/selling platform. Indeed, it has 3 Home Page layouts but, Lifeline, on the other hand, has over a dozen unique homepage versions.

Aid—Responsive Charity Premium WordPress Theme


Features | Demo

Here is another marvelous web building tool for the modern charity websites. Like its counterparts, from other developers, it has been made fully responsive along all dimensions. However, you can also disable its responsive functionality. The customization is also easy but it is not as quick and fun-yielding as found in Lifeline. There is a ‘donation ticker’ and ‘call-to-action’ button but, unfortunately, you are not provided with PayPal and recurring donation system that is the very need of the day. Another serious drawback is the unavailability of the slideshow creator, like Layer Slider or Slider Revolution which, if given, would have made a great deal of contribution to its worth and appeal.

DonateNow—Responsive Charity Premium WordPress Theme


Features | Demo

As the very name suggests, DonateNow theme is meant for the donation and charity related projects. It is neat, clean, flexible and retina ready with on/off button for responsiveness. Being a multipurpose product, it can also be used for other niches, like corporate, blog, products and portfolio. The intelligent admin panel ensures easy setup and quick customization. The built-in Layer Slider slideshow creator plugin saves you a significant amount of $18. At the same time, you will be disappointed to note that it lacks in a variety of Homepage layouts as found in Lifeline. But you need not worry as the Visual Composer plugin is there that will help you create as many more home pages as you want. The built-in SEO is also something great.

Bottom Line:

All the above described products are among the best charity website themes that owe their appeal to the advanced designing techniques and powerful functionality. Even then, if you carry out the comparison and contrast of all these themes, you will realize that Lifeline is the best one. On the first place, Lifeline has over a dozen homepages and a large number of single pages, each powered with all the essential features. Secondly, the premium built-in plugins, like Revolution Slider, Layer Slider, and Visual Composer save you as much as $63. Thirdly, it is the only theme with recurrent payment system and PayPal integration. Still there are a lot of other things that you can find nowhere else. The final choice is anyhow yours.

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Download Free Muharam Desktop Wallpapers

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2014 Happy New Year Wallpapers HD

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Apple Logo HD Wallpapers For Desktop Computers

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Friendship Day 2017 Wallpapers with Quotes

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Summer Wallpapers 2017 Free Download

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Photography Wallpaper For Desktops 2017

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2017 Baby Wallpapers Free Download

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Graphic Wallpaper Free Download

As per my observations in life so far, every graphics professional I met had extreme interest in nature, colors, and beautiful scenes. These people are very keen observers of nature and charismatic scenes. Maybe, they know the art of capturing, that’s why, they can see beyond the scope of others or possibly they are naturally good in observing the beauty spread around them. Whatever it is, but there must be some connection between graphics and nature.

What if both the nature and get combined and arrive at your laptop screen? Isn’t it really amazing? Just think of yourself working all the daylong in front of your laptop screens, with burning eyes and tired body. What happens when all of a sudden, you simply press Windows + D. Surely your desktop appears in front of you and all your running windows are minimized. Now imagine you have displayed wonderful, alluring, charismatic scenery on your desktop. So how would you feel when at once you get a chance to view that scene and when you are feeling lethargic too? Obviously, you will feel yourself in heaven and for sure you would like to view that for a little longer. That’s the magic of only true Graphic wallpapers.

There are so many wallpapers available on the internet but Graphic wallpaper is the wallpaper that is very well designed, expressed and created to give you the feeling of real image. There are so many themes available on the internet such as nature, music, birds, animals, astronomy, time, cars, famous quotations, various brands related wall papers and so on. You can select any or all of these to be displayed at your desktops.

Another good aspect of these wallpapers is that you can download them for free from any trusted website. This negates the concept that in this world no good thing is for free. Anyhow, it is suggested to download wallpapers only from the well-known websites. Otherwise, there is a chance of mistakenly downloading any malicious program that can harm your computer systems or laptops. Therefore, while searching, make sure you are looking for a good website and that’s it. There are so many people, who have just damaged their machines by downloading these wallpapers from every website they see and paid for it as well. All you have to do is, just be careful and loads of beautiful and mind blowing wallpapers would be at your desktop without any cost. Happy Searching!

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 Wallpapers

Valentine day is a day of love, romance and affection. This colorful festival is observed on 14th Feb in all over the world. It comes in a time when weather is frosty and chilly. The coolness of day does not affect the heat and glow of this festival. Cupid sign, red and pink color are the symbol of this day. It is a day of love in which couples and friends share deep feelings for each other. They celebrate this day in traditional manner by exchanging flowers, cards, hand written notes and gifts like candies, chocolates and jewelry. Some people prefer lavish gift to reveal their love for the special one. It is the best way of showing their deep concern for each other.

This day is highly associated with passion, compassion, love and warmth. People from all ages celebrate it with vivacity. This event has historical importance as well. It was begun to celebrate in the Europe during middle age. The main character of this event is st’valentine who had sacrificed his life in love. It was the major reason that has made this day special in the Europe. Later on it is celebrated in every corner of the world where people understand the language of love.

We are living in 21st century, a century of technology that is playing great role in every sphere of lives. We have selected exotic and alluring wallpaper for your desktop. This colorful collection is luscious and appealing. These wallpapers are not only dramatic in effects but also mesmerizing as well. It can touch your inner feelings and brings out passion and warmth inside you. You can choose any wallpaper in this collection for your desktop and mobiles screen to make your day more lively and cheerful.

First two pictures of this collection are extremely lovely because of its traditional theme and colors. A big heart of pomegranate red is enough to reveal your inner feeling in a beautiful way. Next picture is extremely romantic in description hardly to ignore it. Fourth picture is lovely because of yummy chocolates that not only bring warmth in your eyes but also in your thoughts. So do not ignore it!

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Windows 8 HD Wallpapers

Windows 8 is the newest arrival in the OS world. Everyone has just gone crazy about it. People who are nature and fun lover are enjoying the excellent new look and feel of windows 8. Even those who are very technical from their moods are enjoying the new graphics and variety of wonderful, distinct shades of Windows 8. The most remarkable thing about windows 8 is its wide range of wall papers. This time windows have left everything behind and take the lead by offering such mind blowing wall papers to the end users.

All these resolutions are high definitions and provide classy look to the end users. These wall papers are so wonderful that you can simply feel yourself lost in the theme, thinking of it as a real scene. All these themes are really alluring and eye catching that no one can stop from unremitting view of the wall papers. These high definition wall papers have been designed with extent of research and hard work to provide with coolest wall paper designs ever.

It is not just about the wall papers, it is all about the complete new experience that all the end users are experiencing with Windows 8 wall papers. Don’t just go over our words, try the operating system yourself. Download the trial version and enjoy the everlasting effect of the wall papers they create with their beauty and natural look. There are so many themes and colors that you will surely enjoy the soothing colors and smart thinking used in creating all these high definition wall papers.

Not a single topic is left on which the theme has not been created. Whether it is about presenting nature, or technicality, whether it is about interior decoration theme or a scene at countryside, whether you are searching for mechanical things or diving in the river, you will find numbers of themes in windows 8 wall papers that absolutely suits your taste and mood.

Besides nature and things, you will also find wall paper theme according to your mood as well. If you are happy, you will find theme as per your choice. If you are sad, you will find a theme that soothes your disappointment with great affection. Since, you can express your complete inner feelings by just displaying any of the windows 8 theme or wall paper in a truly efficient manner.
When you will download one, you will surely feel the difference!

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2013 Android HD Wallpapers Free Download

Android OS is becoming a more popular platform among Smartphone lovers. It is thought that soon it will overtake Nokia and iPhone. The main reason behind the popularity of Android is a fact that it is an open source. Moreover, it being a highly adaptive application is becoming the future of smartphone world.

There are millions of open source applications available in the ‘Google Play’ but unfortunately there are no wallpapers available there. If you have an Android Phone and looking for cool wallpapers then you are on the right place. Here you can download best Android wallpapers of 2013 for free.

No matter how good Smartphone you have, if you don’t have good wallpaper set than a good phone can also look ordinary. So it is important to have a good collection of wallpapers in your phone. A good collection of wallpapers and changing them regularly can make your mobile desktop look much more appealing.

All the Android Smartphone comes up with a live wallpaper option. A live paper is wallpaper with motion and it can also change the wallpaper with a timer set. Wallpaper timer changes wallpaper in a loop like user selects three wallpapers and sets timer for 30 minutes, now after every 30 minutes wallpaper will change automatically. All these wallpapers are perfect for the Android phone to be set as live wallpaper.

All these wallpapers are absolutely free to download, download them on your PC and copy them into your Smartphone. However if you don’t know about the screen resolution of your phone then these wallpapers might not ideally fit on your phone. It is strongly recommended to open photofurl.com from your Android phone. Once you open the site from your phone, the screen resolution will be automatically detected and you can download them to make them fit ideally on your Android phone.

Galleries of photfurl.com are regularly updated. Visit again soon to view more exciting wallpapers for your Android phone. Let us know about your experience of setting these wallpapers as your desktop background on your Smartphone by leaving the comment below.

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Eid Milad Un Nabi 2013 Wallpapers

Eid Milad Un Nabi is very important event in the history of Muslims. It is celebrated by the Muslim community of different countries with utmost religious fervor throughout the world. Despite contradictory view among the sects about the celebration of this day, Muslims observed this day in dignified manner to mark the birth anniversary of over beloved holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He is the prophet of Allah who had changed the history of world and brought the people from the darkness and made them civilized.

People paid homage by arranging seerat conference, procession, naat khawani, qawali and naatia mushaaira. All these is arranged only to revive the precious aspects of his life. People also decorate their houses and buildings with lights to shows their love for this day. Even children represent their love by wearing similar clothes like him.

Usually on this day government announce public holiday to make this day more special. This day start with traditional reverence that leaves deep effect on every one. In processions great scholars throws light on the life of holy prophet and try to revive their teachings and Sunnah among the Muslims.

We have gathered some beautiful wallpapers for you that can strengthen your belief and love for such personality who has no match in the entire world. Every picture in this collection is beautiful at its place and has no comparison with one and other. First picture defines this event beautifully. The black color of its background gives depth in it and enhances the dome of masjid-e-nabiwi. The use of word Muhammad has added illuminating effect in it. So perfect choice for your desktop.

Other two wallpapers are bright and alluring. Its background color, verse of kalma shadat and glimpse of masijd-e-nabwi make it eye catching. Next two pictures are very simple as compares to other pictures. Simple but its color and style of calligraphy has made it matchless. You cannot ignore them by any mean. The last picture of this collection is remarkable. Natural inspiration and its theme have added life into it. By choosing this wallpaper u can add life in your computer as well.

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Allah Wallpapers | Allah Names Wallpapers

Color attracts the human beings. It adds meanings and happiness in one’s life. On contrary Monotonousness produce adverse effect on us. It makes us tired and brings odd feelings in us. When we enter in a dull phase we need external factor for revival our spirit and nothing works than color. We add some colorful features in our lives that help us in healing our earlier spirit and energy. Similarly wallpapers are used to remove the monotonousness of desktop. These act like a garb that makes your desktop attractive, interesting and colorful.

There are varieties of wallpaper on the internet from nature to man-made elements. We aim to provide something unique and different from the earlier range. These wallpapers are focused on the name of Allah which will satisfy our spiritual appetite. There are 99 beautiful names of Allah and every name is known for its unique and distinctive qualities. But the most widely used name in the word is Allah who is the creator and benefactor of universe. He is solely responsible for creating everything that exists in this universe. He is omnipotent in power and nothing is exempt from His commands.

Our selection of wallpapers is unique because it is a combination of simplicity and modesty that cannot be found easily in other collection. Its colorful background that compliments the calligraphy of word Allah and makes it our first choice for the embellishment of our desktop. It is not only feast for our eyes but also the source of sentiment for us. Similarly, every background image is exclusive in features and by using word Allah has made it meaningful as well as matchless.

Some backgrounds are different because of its black color that can easily overwhelm on our feelings. After seeing such backgrounds we start to think deeply about our purpose as a human being on earth and we except His grandeur and Oneness of Him without any question. On the basis of such features we should prefer these wallpapers for our desktop and mobile screens that will help to refresh our belief on Him.

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Angry Birds HD Games Wallpapers 2013

One of the most popular names in the world of android software games is Angry Birds. This game was launched by Rovio mobile. In this game there are various kinds of birds struggling to bring back their eggs that were stolen by the green pigs. These angry birds fight to catch their stolen eggs. The green pigs are basically hungry and short of food and have stolen the eggs of birds from their nests. Angry birds perform their act of vengeance to regain their eggs. This game has been called, the most mainstream games out right now.

If you are big fan of this game then you can’t control yourself to put the games wallpapers of angry birds on your smartphone and computers. Fans of this game love to wear the T-shirts printed with the logo, images and characters of this amazing game. We can see the most popular game’s pictures everywhere on school bags, stationary item, mugs cups and T-shirts etc. The craze of this game is developing every moment among players of this game.

Chic and ever classy, these angry birds wallpapers are available for all of your computing devices. The wallpapers are designed in a brilliant way with high resolution and amazing graphics. This game has been praised for its successful combination of addictive game play in very low price. In android phone, it is free of cost. Various different versions have also been developed for personal computers. The number of downloads of wallpaper is numerous. Wallpapers of this games have achieved the most downloads this year because of its increasing popularity.

Angry birds got 50 million download on Android cell phones in a matter of few days, showing the global acddiction to this overwhelming game. Millions of hours are spent on this game at every time. Now a days this game is a good source of entertainment among youngsters as well as for the people of different age group. This game comes up with different versions and each version has different levels. The music and sounds effects never get old, and the game play and humor is something any “angry birds” or star wars fan could easily enjoy.

This game got amazing and colorful wallpaper. Try this game if you haven’t played before. It would be fun playing this game with fascinating wallpapers.

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Best Photography Wallpapers Of 2013

When it comes to photography it is not only about just clicking the camera button. People who have knowledge of photography know about many different elements that must be accounted for before clicking the digital camera button. In this section, you can download best photography wallpapers of 2013.

All the photography wallpapers are new and never seen before. Photography is an art and only good photographer can click excellent pictures. These pictures are clicked by digital camera and are edited by a team of photofurl.com to make them presentable on your desktop.

These photography wallpapers cover the different scenes. First wallpaper is clicked from the edge of London Bridge, second wallpaper is of the flowers in the autumn season and fourth wallpaper is of a beautiful red rose clicked with close focus. The other wallpapers reflect different moods and sceneries. Good wallpaper with a good photography always leaves a pleasant effect on the mind and mood whenever viewed. Setting these best photography wallpapers of 2013 as background image of your desktop will make you feel better whenever you turn your computer on. This is scientifically proven, view something ugly and observe the change in state of your mind and after that view something pleasant and observe the change of state of your mind. When you view something pleasant your mind will be refreshed.

Photofurl.com works hard to bring the best wallpapers for its viewers. All these wallpapers are absolutely free to download and can be cropped too. Moreover, it also gives the user option to change its display resolution and download for various devices. Photography is a vast field; all the wallpapers related to it cannot be covered in this gallery. However if you want wallpaper of any type related to photography then you can make the request for it, simply fill the comment from below and clearly mention your desired wallpaper. It will be added soon.

The gallery of best photography wallpapers of 2013 is updated regularly; keep visiting for the exciting new wallpapers.

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Iron Man 3 Wallpapers

Ironman is a very famous fiction movie character that has appeared in Marvel Comics and a Hollywood movie series with the same name “Ironman”. Tony Stark is the character played by the very famous Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. This character of “Tony Stark” is a world renowned industrialist, weapons manufacturer, business tycoon, playboy and a philanthropistand was kidnapped by terrorists and there in captivity he develops an iron suit with all the weapons loaded in it. With help of this iron suit he escapes and begins to pursue his new found purpose of life – to help the innocent. This series is co-related with another series, The Avengers in which the character of Ironman is one of the leading roles. Both of these series have gain immense popularity and with this popularity the fame comes to the character of Ironman.

Ironman 3 is the latest edition in the Hollywood movie series which is ready to release in 2013. But why wait till 2013 when you can have all the fun with Iron Man 3 wallpapers right now. You can have these wallpapers in any dimensions you want as per your device requirement. These wallpapers are so cool that they will bring life to your device. The quality being so high you will feel that you are actually watching the movie on you device.

These High Definition Wallpapers will give you great experience. Just go to the link, make your choice and download as much as you can. These high quality wallpapers are absolutely free to download. You not only can download them for your own use but you can also share them with all your friends. The sharing widget is also available so that you can send them to your friends and family with complete convenience.

Ironman 3 wallpapers are top quality free wallpapers with some of the scenes from the movie itself. So, don’t wait up for the release of the movie when you can have all the glimpse way before that and satisfy you anxiety. Bring Ironman to your desktop or laptop or any other device now. In addition, they are all free!

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