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White Pigeon Free Desktop Wallpapers

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White Pigeon Free Desktop Wallpapers is the collection of wallpapers of one of the most oldest companion of human history and one of the most intelligent birds. There intelligence can be observed from the tasks they do, form their living patterns and from the time when they are in trouble. According to the archeologists, the most oldest images of pigeons gathered from Mesopotamia, Iraq are almost from the time of 3000 BC. The Sumerians were the first to breed the white pigeons, which we see in our daily lives from the wild breed of this bird over there in Iraq. From religious aspects its references are also found from Bible where its is declared as the “dove of peace” and was also stated in story of Noah. Moreover, many religious people from different religions of world feed the pigeons for various religious reasons.

Pigeons are also declared as the war heroes as they saved hundreds of thousands of humans by delivering the messages across the enemy lines during both world wars. In the times of wars these were always the symbols of peace and harmony among the people. This thing also tells that the pigeons are also the messengers of old times. There power of memorizing the events and places is so incredible that if they are trained well they can take ones message across the hundreds or thousands of miles of lands.

There is huge variety among the pigeons depending upon the nature and environment. Some are high fliers while some can just make a few jumps, some are the extreme example of beauty and some are not that beautiful and some are human friendly while others like to live in rocks and jungles.

This awesome collection of White Pigeon Free Desktop Wallpapers contains the edited images of the white pigeons. These type of pigeons are normally high fliers and in ancient times these were used to convey messages from one place to another. All these wallpapers from this collection of White Pigeon Free Desktop Wallpapers, are free of cost download and enjoy the awesomeness and attractiveness of these beautiful and intelligent birds.

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  1. cherie Says:

    I enjoyed the history of the pigeons very much. I’m helping with an educational story published as a pamphlet and I need to use the photo of a pigeon. I found the one above and thought it would work beautifully. May I have your permission to use this pigeon in the pamphlet? If so, what would you charge?
    Thanks so much for taking time to respond.

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