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Mountains and Lakes beautiful Scenerey Wallpapers and Backgrounds for Computer Desktops

Amazing Lake High Quality Nature Wallpapers
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Beautiful Lake with Landscape Sunset Wallpapers
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Check out this amazing collection of our mountains and lakes beautiful scenery wallpapers and backgrounds for computer desktops. Beautiful scenery always attracts the people whether they live at such places which are enriched with nature or not. People are fond of visiting such places where there are beautiful mountains, greenery, snowfall, streams and lakes. The governments of all the countries have the department of tourism which work for maintaining the natural scenic places more beautiful by providing things to enjoy at these places.

In first wallpaper, you can see the river surrounded by mountains and one of these mountains is full of grass and lots of long conifer trees. At the top of few mountains you can see the layers of snow, while the sky is covered with clouds, this is like the complete picture of nature having all of the ingredients to make this scene amazing.

The sunset is the one of the best part of nature, in this wallpaper we can see thousands of migrating birds flying on the top of the river. This scene is just awesome, people will love to download this wallpaper and set it on their desktops for sure.

In winters the snow covers the mountains and everything looks so perishing, the river in this picture seems to be calm and chilled, the dark clouds are moving slowly and covering half of the sky and the leaves and branches of the coniferous trees are coated with the snow, this view is really soothing.
In the clear and peaceful water of lakes when we can see the image of sky along with the trees, mountains and land in it, this scene looks wonderful like if the world has gone upside down. And you can see in this wallpaper that if you rotate this picture it would be difficult for you to remember that which side is on top in real and which one is the reflecting image.

In next wallpaper here are the three layers of nature, at the top there are mountains covered with snow, the second layer is of the lush green land filled with the trees and at the bottom there is the deep sea.

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