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Lakes Mountains Water Scenery Sunset Wallpapers Desktop Backgrounds For Laptops And Computers

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Here are more wallpapers of beautiful scenic views of mountains, water and sunsets. In first wallpaper you can see a small boat standing in the clear water of Massachusetts Lake, this big lake at the dawn is giving a serene look and anybody who loves waking up early in the morning can feel the glory of this scenery.

The second image is captured in autumn season when the leaves turn into pale yellow or orange, you can see some broken branches of trees floating in the Jackson Lake at Wyoming National Park. The trees around the water are standing firmly on the ground and the mountains are clear.

In another image there is the river passing by the mountains of the National Park of Montana which are covered with green trees and at some peaks there is some snow too. A wallpaper similar to this is captured at Lake Sierra, the mountains have some snow at the peaks and near the sea there are rocks and so many coniferous trees. While the water is reflecting the image of the sky and mountains present nearby.

Here is a picture of Lake Tahoe which was taken in winters when the ground and trees are covered with thick layers of snow and you can see that sun is trying to come out from the clouds and show itself. The wallpaper of the image taken at the lake in Finland during the sunrise is quite beautiful, you can see the thick forest at another corner of the picture. The sky is covered with the orange hue of sunlight and in the water you can see a reflecting image of sky that is dark blue in color along with the clouds on it.

At national park in Ohio, the sunrises are amazing and in this picture you can see the season of autumn. The leaves from trees which are planted around the lake are floating on the surface of water and the trees are looking bare in the light of the sun.

With all these gorgeous wallpapers on your system you can be sure that you have all what you need to give your computer a refreshed look every other day. Just change the wallpaper and you are done.

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