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Free Extreme Funny Wallpapers And Pictures About Barack Obama And Others

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Wallpaper
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Terrifying Monkeys Wallpaper
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Riding On Dauchsans Wallpaper
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Looks A Little Too Much Like Her Dog
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Llama Cat Wallpaper
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Leave Mccain To Me
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I Dont Want To Be Boiled The Baby Wallpaper
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Horse Chasing Dog Wallpaper
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Gorilla Out Of Coke Beautiful Picture
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Going To The Hello Kitty Convention Picture
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Funny Animals Wallpaper
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Food Crisis In The World
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Feeding All The Cats Desktop Wallpaper
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Drunksleep Funny Wallpaper
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Cat About To Eat A Poor Duck Wallpaper
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God has blessed man with a unique instinct called ‘sense of humour’. It is this sense of humor that keeps us moving in the harsh and difficult times of life by focusing on the lighter aspects of things and getting the humor out of it that never fails to amuse. It adds a spark to the moment that reflects in one’s eyes. Thus laughter is the best medicine to the miseries of life. Nothing can be more infectious yet lively than a contagious giggle or laughter that immediately lift our energies.

The significance of humor in our lives cannot be denied. It is a binding force that makes relationships stronger and healthier by giving happy memories and moments where we can make a difference by adding a bit humor to lighten up the gloomy mood of a loved one. Thus if positive, it can be an expression of love and support too. It attracts people as they love to keep an entertaining company with whom one can lessen the burdens of life by sharing a giggle.

The health benefits of it are also worth laughing for. Laughter can lower the blood pressure, boost positive energy, strengthen the immune system, lessen the pain and improves memory. Therefore, sense of humor has the power to influence, inspire and heal, thus making every part of life better.
In light of the above mentioned wonders that a laugh can do, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that ‘a day without laughter is a day wasted’ like it is said. Without laughter life would be dry, dull and much like a robot. Laughter is human.

Political humor is an emerging aspect of humor that has gained popularity with the introduction of social media and democracy and enables us to see the power game and political figures in politics with a more realistic way, like normal human beings having similar desires for power and authority. Humor through funny photographs is a common source for entertainment nowadays.

Here are some funny picture wallpapers to make you desktop more fun and a source of giggle and spark every time you open it. So what are you waiting for? Simply download for free these high resolution and colorful funny wallpapers and enlighten your face with that smile curve that will set everything else straight. Enjoy!

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