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Colorful Wild Parrot Wallpapers High Resolution

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This is the collection of wild parrot wallpapers. God has created many species of animals and parrot is one of them. Parrot is one of the most beautiful creatures of God. God has blessed it with cuteness, beauty and with pleasing colors. They are found in mountains, jungles, living areas and almost everywhere. People around all over the world love this bird. A parrot is one of the most lovable pets. People spend lots of their money to buy this beautiful creature and to breed it. Some of the types of parrots are there who need special sort of care and lots of money is to be spent on their feed and care.

Parrots are known as the most intelligent animal as they can use their brain in many ways. Parrots are trained to get special tasks from them. It has been in the practice that many trainers have trained parrots to speak with them. They can speak some of the sentences, which are practiced to them. Parrots can mimic human speech and they can also make sentences of some specific words which are taught to them. Parrots are wild but they are trained to behave well. They develop a strong and good relation with their owner. Parrots use their brain in every act. While feeding themselves they first make it sure that whatever the seed or fruit is given them to eat must be free from every poison. First they smell it, if they get a hunch that there must be anything, they take the cover out of that seed or fruit and then eat it so that they could be saved from any harm.

Parrots eat seeds, nuts, buds and other plant materials. Some of the parrots are there which eat small reptiles like snails and larvae but most of them do not eat this kind of stuff. Parrots have many types according to their nature, habitat, color, behavior and many other factors. They lay white eggs and an unhelpful baby bird comes out of it. Parent parrots feed them with their hooked beak. Parrots have long wings so they have strong and straight flight. They have strong legs to hold themselves on the trees. Mostly all types of parrots can be seen in zoos. They are traded all around the world. Parrots trading is a major source of income generation in some countries.

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Posted by on July 3, 2008 in Birds Wallpapers

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    great birds i have birds

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    Nice Picture

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