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Colorful Sparrow Free Desktop Wallpapers

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These free sparrow wallpapers are showing some sparrows of different types in different colors representing the diversity in nature. Sparrows are not only birds but what makes them special is that they are the national bird of Philippines. Sparrows around the world are in different colors and sizes and what makes them unique is that they are mostly found all over the world. Still, some species of sparrows are indigenous to Africa, Asia and Europe.

Sparrows are very social birds generally living in lose colonies except the great sparrows breeding in solitary pairs and remaining very few in non-breeding season. This uniqueness of this bird make them so special that many people are fond of them and make use of sparrow wallpapers to show nature their gratitude for giving this fine bird. Sparrows are human friendly birds commonly seen amongst the human societies, eating their foods in small quantities. Generally, sparrows are seed eaters but they also eat small insects and other things in small quantities.

Sparrows are like small passerine birds. These are from the family of Emberizidae. Sparrows are small, fluffy, short tailed and stubby. There are 26 species of sparrows all over the world. These differ from each other in terms of their habits size or color. Some are gray, some are black and some are brown. There size ranges from 11.4 cm (chestnut sparrow weighing 13.4 grams) to 18 cm (parrot-billed sparrow weighing 42 grams). These lay eggs and lives in nests. Out of these 26 species 17 are known to nests and get their foods around the buildings.

These wallpapers are applicable on both windows and Mac systems. Each of this wallpaper has been made high resolution with some of the finest graphic designing software and tools. The colors, the design and the right placement of objects in these wallpapers make them unique and distinct from the rest. Stay tuned for more wallpapers in this post because this will be regularly updated with the latest content.

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