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Cats, Tigers, Kittens, Sunflowers And Sceneries Wallpapers For Computer Desktops

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Life is a gift. It should be enjoyed and everything that comes within it should be praised. The question comes here is what is life? The movement of organism within the earth or the pleasurable sights and scenes that it gives to the human? I will just go with the second option. Life to me at least is seeing a living enjoying the moment. And everyone in this world loves to live that moment so that he or she could have those cherish able memories to be thought and allured upon latter on.

Life can be seen in the tick of the clock that is with each second something is happening how wonderful, beyond human mind! Life can be seen in the sharing of food within animals and birds. Life can be seen in the natural beauties of present in this world. Life can be felt in the touch of wind upon human face. Thus life can be felt and seen everywhere. The real challenge whether the human mind is absorbing the liveliness from such activities happening around him. Well if he is not then he is lifeless, cold and living more like a dead experimental animal! So it is compulsory for every human to appreciate life around him.

Appreciation now here not only comes in praising but also in pondering over the secrets of life. Such as these wallpapers, showing different forms of life, they are not merely images of nature beauty, they show a deep art of nature making the human think about it and praise it for the magic that has created them. So such kind of wallpapers makes a human mind realize about the life’s true realities rather than the normal realities we people live in everyday in big castles of ego and competition. Such kind of wallpapers shall help the human mind to meditate more into the deep realities of life whether it’s learning about the survival of fittest by the tiger and cat or the natural scenery. And when there is no age where we can stop the learning process, it’s always good to know more.

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Posted by on July 8, 2008 in Mix Wallpaper

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    nice n cute wallpapers.. plz sndn more cute cute cats n cars wallpapers

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