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Rainbow Wallpaper Free For Desktop

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Nature’s way of showing beauty is through millions of mesmerizing sceneries and breathtaking locations all over the world. Every sunset, every ocean wave, every land mark is a reminder of how nature is beautiful in its existence and mechanisms. One of these beautiful and amazing occurrences is the brightly colorful rainbow after a storm. When the skies are loaded with water, and rains starts pouring from the skies, it brings such joy to the people and plants and animals on earth; every living thing enjoys and bathes its happiness in rain. However, when rain turns into a storm, all living things hide in the safety of their houses. As conflicted as the sentiments towards rain/storm might be, when the storm passes and the rain dries away, a beautiful rainbow shines across the sky, displaying its vibrant 7 colors and all is well on the planet again.

From children to adults, plants to animal, everyone loves a beautiful rainbow. The sight of a rainbow across the sky is one that everyone waits and awaits to see, since it is one of nature’s most splendid masterpieces. Scientifically a rainbow depicts that sunlight is made up of different colors which we don’t see. All we see is the white rays that shine down to earth, but when sunlight hits the water droplets at a certain angle, the presence of the seven colors in the color white is shown through the dispersion of light in the form of a beautifully, seven colored rainbow. These beautiful colorful rainbow scenery free wallpapers for computer desktop are designed keeping in mind the beauty and natural significance of a rainbow.

The same way a rainbow signifies beauty, peace, and ray of hope; these wallpapers are a show case of that same beauty, hope and peace. The beautiful imagery and colors depict the real life beauty seen in the sky. The visuals are as close to reality as can be, with their high resolution and great quality. So when you download a free rainbow wallpaper and set it on your desktop screen, you yourself will notice a magnificence and beauty shine through your computer or laptop.

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