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Full Hand And Arm Mehndi Designs Or 2011 Styles

2011 Henna Mehndi Design
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2011 Full Hand Mehndi Design Picture
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2011 Foot Mehndi Design
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2011 Black Mehndi Design Picture
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2011 Arabic Mehndi Design
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2011 Arabic Bridal Mehndi Design Photos
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Simple Mehndi Design For 2011
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Latest Mehndi Design For 2011
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Latest 2011 Mehndi Design For Girls
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Beautiful 2011 Simple Mehni Design
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2011 Women Mehndi Design Picture
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2011 Stylish Mehndi Design
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2011 Simple Mehndi Design Picture
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2011 Mehndi Design Picture
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2011 Indian Mehdni Design
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Traditions of any culture are what give it depth, uniqueness, and its own color and contrast. Where some traditions have a much bigger and deeper meaning into the values and morals of cultures and nations; however, some are like ornaments, which add beauty with a meaning and sentimental, as well as traditional value. One of such traditions in the Eastern/Asian culture is the applying of Mehndi on hands and feet on joyous occasions.

The applying of Mehndi is usually linked with brides and females on festivities like Eid and weddings. A lot deeper meaning is given to this simple act of applying a henna tattoo; according to some traditions, when a bride’s mehndi turns a richer color it depicts the strength of love of her relationship with her husband. Similarly, applying of mehndi on festivities like Eid shows the happiness and love felt all over on these occasions. This means that this tradition is an important part of the eastern culture, making it symbolic in nature. Hence these mehndi designs have been put up so that the act of applying mehndi can be done at home by those who know how to, with the help of these designs.

The art of applying mehndi isn’t so easy, it requires practice and skill and takes time before you get the hang of it. However, girls are encouraged to learn how to apply mehndi, which is where these 2011 mehndi designs come in. Not only are they the latest designs, which means they keep you updated and closer to new trends; but they are also a traditional sign that shows respect and love for your culture. Looking at these beautiful and different designs, it is easy to copy them and apply them on you and your relatives, and friends’ hands.

Since the applying of mehndi is given so much importance, these designs make sure that everyone can get the hang of applying mehndi and that also in a beautiful way. They not only help girls practice this particular skill of applying mehndi, they embrace the fact that cultures are ever growing and adopt new trends. It is safe to say that these 2011 mehndi designs are your best resort to keeping traditions alive.

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